Redefine GreenTech

Industrial processing has never been greener.

Unique of its kind with the use of high-tech, such as electromagnetism in the production lines.

Eco Gold Bar production is to be launched for the first time ever.

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About us

Zeme’s state-of-the-art system of gold processing, aluminium and copper recovery based in Limassol.

The only regional company on Europe’s Circular Economy platform.

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Buy gold

Get access to high quality physical gold with free delivery* at home, or your selected vault.
100% Assay Accredited and Tax Free on gold investments.**

Bullion Bars and Grain

Our range of gold comes in various weights with options for free delivery or storage in our vaults.
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Zeme Marketplace

Buy, sell or transfer gold and other precious commodities via our online marketplace. Blockchain technology provides for 24/7  investment and transfer. Additionally, previous metals can be stored in the Zeme vault.

Bullion coins

Our full range of gold bullion coins available in various weight will be available shortly. Complete the form below to register your interest and we’ll keep you up-to-date with our upcoming developments.
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*delivery may come at a cost depending on the order size and country
**Gold investments are tax free all over Europe. Check with your local tax and revenue department before purchasing.

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This project has indirectly received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under project Block.IS (grant agreement No 824509).