Politico Magazine interviewed ZEME CEO Antonis Antoniadis in an article on the European debate about plastics and renewable fuels.

ZEME has a Proprietary Patented Plastics to Liquid fuel technology that takes all types of plastics separated from Waste and converts them into various types of Fuel.

Trilateral talks are underway in the EU for the inclusion of the plastics-to-fuel technology in the recast Renewable Energy Directive. All three EU Institutions – the Parliament, the Council and the Commission – support the inclusion of the technology under the bloc’s future renewable energy rules.

Some Green groups are opposed to this technology, arguing that it contradicts the EU targets for cutting the use of throwaway plastic and setting high recycling targets.

But, as ZEME CEO Antonis Antoniadis points out, the technology counts towards recycling, because it turns the plastic into something that is extremely useful and viable. Furthermore, the ZEME plant will only use plastics contaminated with food or hazardous chemicals that can’t be safely turned into new products.