Background story

ZEME was founded in 2016 although the innovations it utilizes took over 10 years to develop and reach full commercialization.

ZEME is a subsidiary of Egnedol Ltd, a privately-owned company which was formed through the consolidation of a number of existing innovative companies that have invested and are investing heavily in research and environmental technology.

ZEME is constructing in Limassol a state-of-the-art, Eco friendly plant for production and sale of specialized Aluminium Alloys derived from Recyclable Scrap Aluminium and Green Eco Synthetic Fuels from End of Life Plastics. Zeme is in the process of expanding to two more plants once the first one is completed. This is the first high technology green project of its kind in Cyprus.

Issue at Hand

Cyprus is an island with limited natural mineral resources and no large scale metallurgical or reprocessing industry. All of the aluminium and liquid fuel used on the island is imported. When the imported aluminium is discarded it is exported as low value mixed scrap for recycling off shore. Recovered plastic is either landfilled on the island or exported as low value recycled material.