Blockchain technology

ZEME intends to fully utilize ground-breaking Blockchain Technology in the areas of:

Quality Management Control

ZEME aims to connect all supplier data – from onboarding information to supplier inspection results to industry certifications to corrective action – in a single source of truth. More specifically both the scrap containers but most importantly the final product containers can be tracked using RFID (Remote Frequency Identification) technology. The future stamping with a QR code (or any other unique identifier) of every bar of aluminium and its inspection by an accredited 3rd Party consultant followed by the subsequent posting on Blockchain can act as an undisputable Proof of Product. Any quality issues will be able to be traced back to the specific bar and to isolate the problem.

Sales, Payment and Settlement

ZEME has already identified and is in advance talks with two platforms which can process real time payments in USD, EUR, GBP, SFR and Crypto Currencies through Blockchain. It is much more secure than swift or Letters of Credits, it is faster and much cheaper.