ZEME’s European Funding Coordinator, Mr Andreas Georgiou, attended the 3rd Circular Change Conference titled “Unfolding circular economy roadmaps”, which was held in Slovenia on 10-11 May 2018. Circular economy stakeholders gathered to discuss key topics on the circular economy agenda both for Slovenia and across Europe.

Slovenia is a country with rich natural environment and sensitivity towards environmental issues. Authorities and the private sector are attempting to adopt the best practices in circular economy aiming to maximize the socioeconomical positive impact.

The first day of the Conference, held at Kostanjevica na Krki, focused on Bio-based Economy and Creative Industries. Emphasis was given to the link between creative industries and circular economy, how artists can reuse materials and also design new products from organic and reusable mater. Members of the local government and the European Parliament attended the conference as speakers declaring their support in any environmental friendly venture that is taking place not only in Slovenia but also in the E.U.

The second day of the conference was held in Maribor, focusing on National Circular Economy Roadmaps. The Slovenian Circular Economy Roadmap was presented to the attendees by the Prime- minister of the Republic of Slovenia. The Slovenian roadmap contributes greatly to the entire E.U. Circular Economy Roadmap and the discussions focused on how to practically implement the guidelines and instructions of roadmaps. Speakers from countries like Finland and the Netherlands that excel in the implementation of circular economy practices gave their own insights on how they took action against climate change and pollution in their respected countries.

The discussions were followed by workshops, giving the opportunity to attendees to learn more about their field of interest on circular economy through interaction with pioneers of circular economy entrepreneurship.

ZEME Press Office