Eco, technological and digital Innovation

ZEME’s parent company, Egnedol, has expertise in Aluminium alloys and exclusive access to unique novel technology and wishes to use its knowhow and contacts to convert contaminated waste Aluminium and thin aluminium foils into clean ingots and billets of niche aluminium alloys. Moreover, Egnedol has expertise in Chemical Engineering, System designs and produced and patented a Unique End of Life Plastics to Eco Fuels versatile System that utilizes Chemical De-polymerization concept. ZEME was incorporated to carry out R&D and prototype commercialization of the two systems.

Novelty – Aluminium

  • Knowhow on the recovery of thin film high purity aluminium (pharmaceutical and food packaging)
  • Knowhow on achieving high recovery rates from the process
  • Low flux use technology
  • Low energy consumption
  • Bespoke small batch very high value products
  • Certification using accredited laboratories
  • ZEME will treat the materials recovered from the parent company that will recover aluminium feedstock from waste streams and in the future from urban mining of landfill.

Novelty – Plastics

  • The system operates on a continuous flow basis (non-labour intensive, low maintenance, very high efficiency)
  • ZEME technicians can select the final chemical nature of the product (heavy oil, heating oil or diesel) according to demand
  • The ZEME system will treat both mixed and segregated plastics at a rate of 1 ton per hour
  • The system is highly efficient (90% plus conversion yield per ton)
  • The system requires minimal operational expenditure making it market sustainable and profitable without the need of any subsidies