ZEME’s state-of-the-art system of Aluminium recovery and recycling facility in Limassol is currently under construction. The project is expected to be up and running within the second half of 2018.

As part of their expansion plans, ZEME is planning to develop the plastics unit in another industrial area. The operations of the plastics unit are scheduled to start within 2019.

The business model of ZEME is relatively simple and involves the following:


  • Acceptance of Scrap Aluminium Metals in raw form
  • Segregation of each Aluminium Waste stream
  • Shredding & cleaning of Aluminium Scrap
  • Creation of high value alloys using segregated Aluminium and Selling to market


  • Acceptance of end of life plastics in raw contaminated form
  • Cleaning of plastics
  • Conversion of plastics into liquid hydrocarbons and Selling to market

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