ZEME is committed to the following endeavours:


  • Supporting the local economies
  • Creating significant new long-term jobs
  • Getting rid of specific parts of Waste and in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Improving education
  • Reducing air pollution and increasing awareness for the environment


  • Getting rid of specific Waste streams thereby improve air quality and reducing carbon emissions
  • Recycling Scrap Materials and turning them into a final product as part of Eco-Innovation
  • Increasing awareness of local communities for environmental issues such as global warming and climate change


  • Assisting local and national governments in promoting the protection of the environment and increasing awareness for climate change and global warming
  • Working with local and national governments on the implementation of Social awareness program and other philanthropic initiatives, thus enhancing the popularity of such government agencies


  • Using a technology that does not create net emissions or waste products, that is fully proven and scaled to its optimal size, thus eliminating technological risks
  • Using a technology that is readily scalable and hence capable of being deployed everywhere making it viable for small and remote communities
  • Recycling Scrap Materials that other bury in Landfills in an energy efficient way to produce final products creating significant Value Recovery