The group

The parent company, Egnedol Limited (EGD) was formed through the consolidation of a series of existing corporations, each one of which had a unique technology in converting a problem into a Green Market oriented solution.

EGD has developed a world-class unique technology that maximizes value recovery from all four streams of Urban Solid Waste (metals, plastic, biomass and glass) without leaving any residue. This holistic solution includes the conversion of:

  • Metal to Alloy – aluminium recovery and Eco alloy manufacture
  • Plastics to Liquid – plastics to Eco liquid fuels
  • Biomass to Syngas
  • Syngas to Synthetic Fuels or Electricity

It uses a combination of a series of unique patented and patent pending technologies for these purposes. These technologies are commercially proven with tens of thousands of hours of commercial operation.

The people behind EGD are pioneers in their field, scientifically trained and passionate; people who invested a lifetime in their vision of transforming everything we know about environmental management.